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Network marketing, presentation of a socioeconomic and organizational reality. Acn inc., American Communication Network case analysis

Fabio Manganello - Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza - [2006-07]
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    Network marketing is a distribution system born in the United States in the thirties and it belongs to the great family typology of direct selling. Its organizational and operational characteristics have allowed the diffusion all over the world, up to involve thousand companies and million people, becoming object of study.
    It’s a great interest topic but it’s partially still unknown to the public. This is the reason why use of network marketing for illegal purposes as "pyramidal selling" isn't rare. Because of their apparent similarity, an equivocal vision and a popular sentiment of generic refusal to these systems have spread as years go by and they involved network marketing, contributing to propagate a distorted fame of it. This phenomenon is often represented negatively in the collective imaginary of all who have got some job experiences about this context in past years.
    This thesis purposes to supply a small contribution to support the knowledge of differences characterizing it, compared to its parallel degenerative phenomena, to guarantee the possibility of customers' right guardianship and mostly to clear the field of a diffuse scepticism in comparison to a social reality of great importance valued in terms of weight in the direct selling sector.
    In this work I also support that network marketing identifies a new commercial conception, that is notably different from the traditional selling forms and it represents a simplification of it about its operative organization at the same time. It's an alternative for who aims to become an autonomous worker, independent and free from particular contractual obligations imposed by his own company. Many people look for a way to improve their own financial condition: most of them carrying out a second job, overtime works, or some occasional activity to add to the main one. On this subject network marketing is an innovative possibility for those whom show the intention to start a main or secondary business of his own. It offers the same action freedom in comparison with an entrepreneurial activity but it eliminates a lot of frequent problems connected to it. Working on own account is not simple: it's necessary to know the market, to single out the best distribution possibilities, to have financial means and to possess a good business know-how.
    Object of this work is to introduce the network marketing’s reality in an almost opposite point of view compared with what it marked its diffusion in Italy in the latest years. Engagement is to show positive aspects and underline the greatest consistence of network marketing through the economical, juridical and sociological aspects' analysis of this system and of the analysis case against the reductive conception that a great part of people is set in this respect.
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