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The sense of the voluntary service

Stefania Accardo - Università degli Studi di Bari - [2004-05]
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    The voluntary service constitutes “a way to be of the person in the within of the social relationships or, saying otherwise, a paradigm of the reportable social individual action single or to associations more individuals” It represents “a fundamental model of the positive action and in charge of the individual, that it gratis of charge carries out spontaneously and personal performances in favor of other individuals that is of interests worthy collectives of protection from part of the community”.
    This the definition of voluntary service given from the C. cost., n. 75/1992; this, like other laws (S. Law picture on voluntary service 11.8.1991, n. 266) and texts on the argument, they can define what is the voluntary service, to explain which structures which are considered not profit and not, to give to all the necessary information, but no law and no text can really say which it is the sense of the voluntary service, what pushes
    many persons to dedicate every day to the others. Perhaps, in order to follow one beautiful commandments of Jesus: “you will love next yours like same you” or, still, “all that that you will only make also to smallest of my siblings, you will have made to me”?
    To say this, however, is not enough or even it is wrong, because a lot of this associations of lay voluntary service and many are the volunteer’s not Christian Catholics what they take the street of the voluntary service to realize him same with to help the less fortunate.
    Hundred of thousands of persons, every day, they dedicate some hours of just the time to voluntary activities, that they have to their centers the taken one in loads with difficult situations, the cure of assets of general interest, the support to persons in state of suffering, of hard work, of solitudes.
    The voluntary service, in its knot essence and its solid substance, it is perhaps this?
    But of what draft truly?
    Also I have asked many times, when I found remarkable difficulties in the
    exercise of my activities of service near the parish of my quarter, considered decidedly “to risk”, “Paolo VI ” of the city of Taranto.
    Many times I have had to ask to me, if indeed it were worth the pain, if indeed I what he/she wanted to help the road boys”, it behaved.
    The answer to such question would perhaps have given to me the way of
    escaping to the temptation to abandon in the difficult moments, when they are felt overburdened and to risk of burn out.
    My personal questions are now confused with the problems and the questions of the whole sector, aroused in me numerous from this analysis of mine on the voluntary service and his structures, in general, and on the sense of the voluntary service and on because it is become volunteer, in the specific one.
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