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Come nasce una marca, come si afferma una moda

Paola Marzano - Università degli Studi di Perugia - [2004-05]
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    Fashion is closely connected to the activity and tastes of people both individually and in their social context.
    I finds different expressions and follows particular tendencies according to the trends of society and the influence it exercises varies.
    Today, communication is considered a crucial influence on the work and success of fashion enterprises; management must be intelligent and insightful if a company is to succeed.
    Modern communication no longer consist only of advertising and public relations and present day, advertising tends to be emotional and seductive rather than rational and informative.
    To understand the present economic situation in general- and that of fashion in particular- we must review the elements responsible for the crisis of the last three years.
    Statistics and economic data enable us to understand the complex set of negative conditions prevailing towards the end of 2002 and that, only now, have evolved in a direction that permits some optimism.
    A fundamental element in the national economy without which prosperity is impossible is the “Made in Italy”.
    The strong point of Italian production on world markets is style, aesthetic quality and creativity.
    The fundamental aspect of a successful brand of products distinguishing it from its competitors is Identity.
    This is a complex concept that cannot be limited to and contained within a commercial operation.
    The brand is a complex fusion of distinguishing elements that together constitute the Brand Identity.
    In the present period of uncertainty, in which many brands are losing their reputation and consumers are more demanding, brand is weakening and many fidelity companies are committing serious errors in maintaining and reinforcing the image of their brands.
    The case of the brand SALENTO 12 is an excellent example of a company which grew from a small enterprise operating in a limited area to one that is now active nationally and on foreign markets, thanks to the contribution of able marketing strategies.
    Today, the fashion market is growing and requires not only creative designers but also and even more able and motivated managers.
    The Italian fashion industry offers immense potential which must be fully appreciated and exploited.
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