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Cultural Diversity: Source of Conflict or Solution? A Study of Hybridisation Processes in the Öresund Region

Nahikari Irastorza - University of Uppsala - [2004]
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    Cultural diversity: Source of conflict or solution? Starting from this general and personally unsolvable question, I argue that, in order to avoid the potential intercultural conflicts and through the promotion of mutual knowledge, understanding and respect, cultural diversity could become a source of opportunities. Following Canclini´s ideas, I suggest an appropriate management of hybridisation processes as an alternative of the said conflicts. Due to my interest in the every day life more than in policies, I relate this theoretical framework to a real multicultural context: the Öresund region. I have selected the factors physical mobility and immigration for analysing the hybridisation processes that could arise around the said indicators. Finally, I ask the following two questions: Firstly, has the creation of the Öresund region boosted the cross-border physical mobility and thus hybridisation processes between Danes and Swedes? Secondly, has the creation of the Öresund region boosted the flow of immigrants and thus hybridisation processes amongst them, Swedes and Danes?

    Based on the data and the literature on this issue and guided by some personal interviews and impressions about the region, I come to the following conclusion: Referring to the first question, I concluded that the creation of the Öresund project has boosted the cross-border physical mobility and hybridisation processes between Danes and Swedes. Besides, concerning to the second question and due to some data limitations, I can not state that the promotion of the region has boosted the flow of immigrants nor hybridisation processes amongst immigrants, Swedes and Danes. As a final reflection, I wonder if immigrants are not taken into account in the building of this new and ambitious region, i.e., if the cultural diversity of the Öresund region is not considered as a potential source of possibilities, it could become a real source of conflict among the excluded group and the rest of the society. Could, some day, the real bridge between Denmark and Sweden become a real bridge amongst the inhabitants of the Öresund?
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