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Toward a Study of Radio and Television in Africa. The Case of Nigeria

Arnaldo Rigodanza - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano - [1969]
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    A research made in Nigeria in 1968, as a thesis of the “Social Communication School” of the Catholic University of Milan.
    Published in Italian, in “Annali della Scuola Superiore delle Comunicazioni sociali”,4, La Scuola Editrice, Brescia, 1969.

    The author has chosen the case of Nigeria, because it is a country with a great ethnic, cultural and linguistic pluralism, and has in its territory four different radio-TV corporations with different trait and vocation. This situation consents to observe not only the growth phenomena of radio and the technical, financial and functional problems, which arise in these countries, but also the conditioning imposed on programming by the being together of many communicators.
    The author, after having stated the vastness of radio listening, paints an overall picture of the radio television situation of the country, paying particular attention to the obstacles to the enlargement of the television audience and the production of local programs.
    He expresses a great deal of perplexities because of the mass presence of broadcasts coming from the Western world, Furthermore, he points out that commercial competition amongst the radio television stations leads to disadvantages in the politics of radio programming; in particular, it tends to lessen the possibility of radio in helping the development of the country.
    Analyzing with a great wealth of information at our disposal on the presence of radio and television in a country of the third world, the study permits us to construct a concrete image of the important problems which are generally unknown and which concern the role of mass media and the mass culture in the process of social change in traditional societies.
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