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Anna Infante - Università degli Studi della Calabria - [2003-04]
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    Scientific and technological researches are the most fascinating human activities: not only because they change our way of living, but also because they change our way of communicating, our language and even our way of thinking.
    In the last decades, however, the way of making science and technology has suffered conclusive evolutions. The genius of the single is not enough, notable financial resources, the commitment of great equip of researchers and the collaboration between these last ones and states are necessary.
    In such context, communication becomes a strategic tool that has to acquit to manifold and diversified functions: from one side, it has to be an internal tool and it has to create a type of sharing of aims, from the other, it is essential that it opens itself toward the outside, from the surrounding territory, to its own nation and to the international scientific community.
    It needs, then, to consider, that exist different corporations (students, families, private and public institutions, firms, research and culture Institutes) to which University has to turn itself with suitable tools in a direct and homogeneous way.
    It is not possible to speak only about explaining or informing; above all it is necessary to explain scientific research’s aims and possible implications, by this way, it can finally become an estate of all.
    The aim of this research is to encourage knowledge of communication’s tools that may allow Universities and Cultural Institutes to access national and international sources of financings foreseen by European and Italian legislation.
    After having examined some situations about actual communication in some Universities, in the final part of this research it can be find a personal idea of communication that, in the opinion of the writer, is susceptible of development and further improvement, with the aid of some existing structures here in University of Calabria.
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