Does body matter in organizational life?

International Doctoral School on Materiality in Practice-based Studies
Trento, 30 November – 2 December 2009

The Doctoral School on “Does body matter in organizational life?” is part of the Research Unit on Communication, Organizational Learning and Aesthetics (RUCOLA) agenda to build capacity for future research in the field of Practice-Based Studies.
RUCOLA is a group of scholars and researchers working together since 1993 on the basis of common professional interest in specific aspects of organization studies. Communal areas of interest include: the exploration the practices of organizing, a focus on knowing and learning as a collective, social, affective and not entirely cognitive activity, and a peculiar emphasis on the relation between linguistic, symbolic, material and emotional aspects of Organizational processes. Within this framework, the aim of “Does body matter in organizational life?” International Doctoral School on Materiality in Practice-based Studies is to bring together some of the leading researchers to work closely with doctoral students who undertake research in these fields and to promote an active research dialogue both on methodological and theoretical challenges on materiality in practicebased studies perspective.

Content and Format
The International Doctoral School is designed in order to promote discussion and sharing
research experiences among senior researchers and doctoral students. In order to do that, ectures will alternate with work in groups with facilitators. All assigned readings and other ourse materials will be made available to the participants three weeks before the beginning of the doctoral school.

The International Doctoral School is designed to give the opportunity for debate and provides direct feedback and guidance to doctoral researchers in Organization Studies. Participants will have the opportunity to work closely with senior researchers and other doctoral students, to receive feedback on their work, and to directly benefit in developing their research practice. In order to guarantee a productive research environment, only 35 participants will be admitted at the doctoral school.

Submission should comprise the title of the PhD dissertation, key words and a short description of the PhD research project (maximum 500 words). All submissions should be accompanied by the completed submission form providing full details of the:
• Name, institutional affiliation, postal address and e-mail
• Name and affiliation of supervisor(s)
Submissions will be accepted on the basis of their order of arrival, and no later than the 30th of October 2009. All submissions should be send via email at [email protected], notification of acceptance will be sent as soon as submissions will be settled.

Organizing Committee
For any further information and needs please feel free to contact:
Dr. Giulia Selmi: [email protected]
Dr. Laura Zamparelli: [email protected]

All the information are available here.

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